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by Ted (posted: Dec 23, 2009)


(Note: These shows are originally from my personal website)

I did this for my wife's birthday in '08. I rented a rec hall and we had a surprise party. I don't recall how many people were there, probably around 30 or so. It was a potluck style dinner and I hired a couple that teach samba dancing to give a one hour demonstration and group lesson, it was fun and everybody commented favourably on it. Afterwards I set up a screen and projector and showed the 'movie', it went over really well.

The biggest problem I had was with the video clip from the Iguassu Falls. There wasn't any problem getting it inserted, etc. but for some reason it requires a fair amount of CPU horsepower to run smoothly.

Actually, now that I think about it, the biggest problem by far was creating the entire show without her finding out about it. That's why you can probably hear many different tones/volumes in my voice-overs as I was recording a lot of it while she was somewhere in the house! That was a real challenge.

I hope you enjoy the shows in this series