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Flat Stanley

by Derek Carlin (posted: Nov 18, 2010)

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It was a busy month for me and I hadn't had time to work on a show, but wanted to bring something to the group. I only had about a 2 hour window to find images, figure out a show concept and bring the whole thing together.

In going through old photos, I came across a gallery I had posted to the New Westminster Photo Club and thought I could make a quick little show out of it. Not fine art, but worth a chuckle perhaps. The gallery was called "Flat Stanley" (which you can see more about if you follow that link).

In the AN101 course I teach, one of the initial things students learn is the importance of defining a workflow for yourself. It makes getting a show out easier and faster when you have a flow that helps you make decisions. So once I had decided to use these images, by using my own workflow, the show came together in about 20 minutes, with another half hour doing the inevitable final tweaks.

It's still aimed at its original audience, a bunch of children in a classroom, so only a few images and just a couple of bits of trivia (remember, an audience with short attention spans!)

In this rush to get something together at the last minute, I consider this more a "work of fine desparation"! But hopefully you'll find it amusing