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Royal City Humane Society

by Derek Carlin (posted: Mar 18, 2011)

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For the March 2011 challenge, we had a choice of show types we could try. One was "create a PSA". I chose to do this since it's not the type of show I do often. A PSA (slideshow) will be what the AN101 course calls a "persuasive" or "debating" type of story. Here the focus is not so much on the individual images but on the the argument or situation that the non-photo content is describing (usally text or voice). The "debate" is trying to convince you to agree with that situation (e.g. "please donate"). The images are there to provide the emotion to the statements, that quite often will swing the viewer to support the debater's points.

While we were free to do a fictional or real PSA, I decided to try a real organization and chose the Royal City Human Society cat shelter as my subject. We've adopted several cats from them, as well as help catch feral cats for treatment and re-release. We try to donate when we can since it costs thousands of dollars a month just to run the shelter can cat care programs.

So for this show I went to the shelter for a few hours, trying to capture cat images, especially close-ups of faces since those are more emotional to us. I then had a short 45 minute "interview" with Doreen, one of the key volunteers helping to run the shelter from which I extracted a few key points about the shelter (the challenge limits us to 5 minutes -- and I have about 30 minutes of recorded conversation).

RCHS contact information:
Web site: rchs.bc.ca
Phone: 604-524-6447
Mail: Box 102, 667 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC
V3M 1A8