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Spring Flowers

by Derek Carlin (posted: May 26, 2011)

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The May challenge theme was "Spring time". I had recently been to visit the tulip fields in Agassiz and that seemed an appropriate subject.

I wanted something more than just a gallery show of flowers and was looking for an additional "message" for the show. I'm always amused by the variety of people who show up there to photograph the flowers. From super serious amateurs (and professionals?) to your average snapshooter out for a weekend drive. So the overlaid message for this show was the activity of the photographers on site, and perhaps to get a feel of what they were shooting by using examples of my own shots.

The group didn't feel this was my best work, perhaps because the flower theme competes too much with the photographer theme. I am also recently playing around with timelapse imagery, and worked some of that into the beginning of the show, which may have caught people off guard and confused them as to what was going on. (It's also "blended frames" in the video, which gives it an interesting feeling -- to me anyway, but again not something people expect from still images)

Some also feel the "real" title at the end comes too late to be effective... maybe I will update this show later and move it closer to the beginning