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Hong Kong -- A Boys Perspective

by Derek Carlin (posted: Jul 16, 2011)

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This show is not by me. It is the first time my son has tried making a slideshow.

We took him out of school for a week so we could visit family in Hong Kong. To make up for time lost, his teacher asked that he do some kind of report with photos to show his class what he saw.

This is the result. He took his own photos, and selected what would be in this show (about 90% of the photographs and videos are his work, a few are from me since I caught shots he missed). I showed him how to lay down the images in PSG, and how to record his narrative in SoundBooth. It took him about a week, but by the end he was doing his own slide timings, audio and video editing.

Not a bad first effort for an 11 year old!