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What is photography?

by Derek Carlin (posted: Sep 16, 2011)

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This was my entry for the summer challenge: "Create a visual poem".

The challenge was to create a show where a piece of poetry was a key component. The poety could be spoken or written in the show, but not sung (since this was about choosing poetry, not "just" choosing a piece of music like we normally do).

I had the thought of trying to illustrate what photography is to me ... and over the summer came up with about a page of "photography is..." type statements. I looked through my work over the last few years (trying to choose more recent work when possible) and choose those statements for which I could come up with some kind of example.

Some might think it's cheating, since there is no coherrant "story" to this show ... but it is what I came up with. I agonized somewhat trying to find a poem that told a story I could illustrate with images, and was finding that rather frustrating... so this really was a challenge for me!