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Sandy Bay Trailer

by Derek Carlin (posted: May 18, 2012)

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I had the idea for this show about a week before the meeting and realized I would not be able to complete the whole show in time.

Then I had the (hopefully bright?) idea that maybe I could make "half a show" -- to show people what will be coming next month. In essence I'm creating a theatrical trailer for a slideshow. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I structured this both as the first half of the show, and with the intent that it should generate interest in seeing the rest of the show.

As this story took form, I had a definite message about the nature of human relationships and I was curious if that message would come across to the audience. Even with a little nudging with the opening quote, people didn't quite get the message I thought I was sending, but in some cases, I liked their interpretation better. So what "message" do you see in this opening sequence for June's show?

The final version is now available on this site, so look for "Boy meets Girl" from me.