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Boy meets Girl

by Derek Carlin (posted: Jun 22, 2012)

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In May, I had an idea for a show that I could create using my CGI skills. Okay, Pixar it ain't, but I do have fun with it and often it's a line of expression that I would have trouble achieving with photographs.

But I had the idea only about a week before the meeting and knew I wouldn't have time to finish the whole story before the group met. So I did a "trailer" which turned out more to be a "part 1" rather than excerpts. (you can see that show here)

In discussing this show with others after they'd seen it, an interesting question arises that gives you some insight into your own human nature: Does Jasmin intentionally drop the package? It's been interesting to see the two camps emerge on this question.

In doing this story and creating the visuals it struck me that I was working a lot like the old silent film directors. How to tell a story visually with no dialogue (didn't want to record any, and captions would ruin the visuals I thought) -- so the posing of the actors has to sometimes be a little over the top as it were -- and even then there is room for interpretation.

So this is "part 2 -- the Conclusion". The title you see here is not the "real" title, since that would give away the ending. :-) The first half is very similar to what was seen in June, and now we see the outcome when Jason meets Jasmin. (the names of the CGI characters). There's still a ton to tweaks and fixes I would do to this show, and I might work on them over the next month to really wrap up this project. But for now, enjoy this show that is a "slideshow", but more of an animated comic strip