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Piper Spit

by Derek Carlin (posted: Oct 12, 2012)

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Recently I was invited to talk at a local photoclub about the potential for use of amateur CGI in our photography. I came up with a few examples and was just going to show those as I spoke to the technical concerns involved in such work. But then decided they could be a little 30 second slideshow and so I put them together with a few seconds of music. Big mistake! once I heard the music selected behind those images, I knew I had to make a longer show -- so with only a few days before the talk, I was rushing to finish renders for the various story elements.

The main premise is "cousin Riley" comes for a visit. She's never been to the local nature preserve at Piper Spit, so we decide to take her there for a look at the local wildlife. Though in this case the wildlife in our little corner of the world may be different from yours.

This was also a learning project for me. I'm interested in the blending of CGI with my photography, but until now I've mostly played with full CGI frames, or only the odd photo or two -- this was my first effort at being a little more serious at the concepts involved. Since it was a rush job, some images are better than others, but it's "done enough" for me now -- time to move on to other projects; maybe dinosaurs in downtown Vancouver?

My thanks to Daniel for being my model -- he was relatively cooperative at being told to stand in certain spots, look in certain directions and strike poses that must have had the people around us wondering what we were doing! :-)