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Visit to Yaletown

by Derek Carlin (posted: Apr 21, 2013)

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Our photoclub had an outing to Yaletown recently. Being more of a landscape photographer I struggle with urban shots. The WCAG challenge had several parts to it this month -- some being to create a show that shows the onset of Spring, I thought I could do that with the Yaletown photos, but I wasn't feeling it. Another part of the challenge was to try using "cut-outs" to put together interesting frames (often you want to then animate the cut-outs. I thought maybe my CGI work could play a part of that. But what to include?

When I'm unhappy with my photos, I often second guess myself, thinking if I had just turned around I would have found a great shot. Who knows what great shots are just waiting outside the corner of your eye. And the idea for my Yaletown show then formed in my head ... and here it is.