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by Derek Carlin (posted: Sep 26, 2013)

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I play around a bit with CGI and create a lot of images that few people see. So decided to make a little "portfolio" show of some of my work. Since 2013 isn't done yet, this is a work in progress!

The doodles cover a wide variety of musings and "research". Some of them are experiments in materials (e.g. glass), some are architecture. Some are "set designs" for upcoming story ideas. Some are character studies, again for upcoming stories. The blue girl is a character in development for a mini-movie project on the go now for a couple of years (most of the sci-fi buildings are set designs from that same project). Another character in development is "Alice the Barbarian" (she didn't fall down that rabbit hole, rather she's stalking that rabbit!) - that one may be out late in 2013 or early 2014. Then there's "Diana the Bounty Huntress" - less fully formed idea (in some shots she has pink licorice looking hair, in others it's dark blue), a character in search of a story.

But they're all doodles that I found interesting as they developed. The muse whispers in my ears, but she doesn't always make sense!!