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Vancouver Wireless

by Derek Carlin (posted: Apr 07, 2014)

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A short show documenting a geocache walk in the former Vancouver Wireless base. The base was decomissioned in 1971 and has been allowed to "return to nature". The base was a product of the Cold War and was a listening post for Soviet communications.

Now the buildings are gone and all that's left are roadways and foundations. Sign posts tell the story of the site and it's interesting to visit the area and see how the plants that were once part of decorative gardens have started to carve out their own niches.

Wildlife has also taken up residence in the area and when we were there, there were about 13 nesting pairs of bald eagles. They could be seen hunting the rodents that now live where the housing foundations used to be.

This was also a show where I was playing with the ProShow wizard to see what it could give me. It has more "eye candy" than my usual more conservative approach, but audiences seem to want that stuff these days! :-)