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60 Second Fairytale

by Derek Carlin (posted: Apr 23, 2014)

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The photo club I attend does monthly themes where members vote on the images they like best and that becomes our photo of the month. After each theme closes, we review the top 10 images in a quick slideshow at the meeting. Lately I've gotten into doing little "introduction" videos that precede the actual images. Often I try to craft a little story somehow related to the theme.

Though there's a certain amount of effort put into these short video intro's -- usually 2 to 3 evenings worth of video work and they are only ever seen at the meetings and never again. This month's theme was to have members shoot silhouettes, and when musing about the intro, I thought of the Nang Yai puppetry out of Thailand and other parts of south Asia and decided to make my own. I wanted to create a simple fairy tale type story and it had to be short (I usually keep these intros under 60 seconds). How to convey a whole story in 60 seconds?! and without all the details one normally has to interpret body language, etc. Plus keep the feeling of the shadow puppetry style. It was an interesting personal challenge, and once done I thought it was worth sharing this time.