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Fight or Flight Trailer

by Derek Carlin (posted: Feb 19, 2015)

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every once in a while I tackle a show idea that turns out to be larger than I planned. Last time this happened and I realized I would not be ready for the monthly meeting, I made a "trailer" video to let people know what I was working on (see my "Boy Meets Girl" and "Sandy Bay Trailer" shows ).

This time, the show I am making for the "choices and decisions" theme also has turned out to be more than I bargained for. So again, I've made a short trailer just to tease the membership. Look for the full show next month!

Update: while rendering the images needed to complete this story, the process overheated and blew out my video card (used for GPU based rendering). The scenes take up too much memory/resources to render on my laptop, so this story will have to wait until I get a replacement card.