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Mother Goose 2.0

by Derek Carlin (posted: Jul 02, 2015)

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This is a "challenge" between two members in this group: Shona and myself. We are both into CGI and were toying with the idea of creating a show featuring both of our work.

After some brainstorming, we decided to "re-invent" some mother goose rhymes, the idea being that we would pick a few iconic lines from a rhyme and interpret them. We worked independently so as not to influence each other's ideas.

This is the second piece of music for this show, since when the group reviewed the first draft, they felt the images weren't on the screen long enough -- and this is essentially a gallery type show where we want the viewers to give at least a little thought to the individual compositions.

You can compare and contrast the styles of two different CGI artists. In some cases we had similar imaginings, while in others we went in totally different directions.