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Story of Piper Spit Dragons

by Derek Carlin (posted: Oct 23, 2015)

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A couple of years ago I did a show about the dragons of Piper Spit. It was an experiment in blending my amateur CGI work with my photography.

(If you want to see that show, you'll find it under "Piper Spit" in my show list to the left.)

While I created several compositions for the show, the viewer probably never realizes that I developed a lot of back story to help guide my thinking.

When a recent group theme challenge was to create a work of Pecha Kucha, I decided to revisit these images in this format which would allow me to share some of the story of these dragons and this region.

the 20 seconds allotted by PK for each slide seemed like a lot at first, but as I tried to squeeze everything I wanted to say in there, I realized I still have more information than images (and time) ... so sometimes the pace of the wording is uneven and overly fast.

Part of the issue is I'm trying to tell 2 stories ... the story of Piper Spit and the plight of dragons, but also the story of "Cousin Riley comes to visit". Trying to squeeze the talking points of both stories in at the same time was overkill I think. I might have to revisit this story again someday. :-)

It's not technically PK style in that I have an opening slide and end credits ... which is outside of the strict 20x20 PK style ... so let's just say this is done "in the style of Pecha Kucha".