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We Remember

by Derek Carlin (posted: Dec 03, 2015)

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The theme for the Nov 2015 meeting was "We Remember". A challenge to create a show that had a nostalgic feeling, or at least a look back on an earlier time.

In my case I had recently attended my son's participation in the Air Cadets annual memorial parade commemorating the Battle of Britain. This year was the 75th anniversary of that pivotal point in World War II (July to October 1940).

One difficulty with this show was how to add interest to shots that were essentially showing the massive array of young people in uniform (they average 1000 cadets each year for this). There were a few aircraft fly-bys as well appearances by high ranking military parade reviewer and a few remaining veterans from that time. The Netherlands also sends a political representative in recognition of Canada's role in liberating their country from Nazi control. It was interesting mainly by being in that environment and the emotions of the time. But visually after the fact, I struggled to find a way to make it "interesting" to a casual audience.

I could have gone with just your usual music soundtrack, but I wanted to drive home what the service was all about. I settled on using clips from a couple of Churchill's speeches about that time period, one addressing Parliament near the beginning as the attacks on London began, and ending with one of his most famous quotes from August 1940 as he tried to rally the morale of the RAF.

Mixed in with the cadets are archive footage from gun cameras and newsreels documenting that period of time.