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1 Camera & Tulips

by Derek Carlin (posted: Aug 30, 2009)

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A couple of years ago, I went on a photography outing to capture views of the spring tulip season near Agassiz. This is a huge annual draw for photographers and nature buffs. We arrived somewhat early and still found the fields cluttered with photographers, sporting a wide variety of equipment.

This is one of those cases where I had a lot of trouble finding music to go with these images. The setting was bright and cheerful, with lots of saturated colours. I wanted a piece that could echo these feelings. I went through about 10 candidate pieces before finally settling on the one here. Oddly enough it was my first choice since originally the fields reminded me a bit of what I would imagine European farm fields might be like, maybe even nestled up in the French Alps? (never been there). Not sure if others would find those similarities, I moved on to others. One candidate I took for review by the group, and what I thought was a nice "thoughtful" piano solo was declared to sound more like a "mournful dirge". So, not really liking any of the other candidates in hindsight, I came back to this fun little (parisienne sounding?) accordian piece. If nothing else it's light and happy to go with the flowers. Enjoy.