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QE1 - A Walk in the Park

by Derek Carlin (posted: Jun 21, 2009)

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These photos were taken during a photo club outing to Queen Elizabeth Park (Vancouver). Several shots from the park itself, then we went into the Bloedel Conservatory and its jungle-like environment with exotic birds and flowers.

The intended audience is more traditional photographer types, so there is less animation of images, and focusing on "real" photographic compositions rather than just snapshots documenting an event. There is a flow to the sequence of subjects, underlying themes and concepts buried in there. This sort of behind the scenes thinking may not always be evident, but your shows are better if you give them some thought rather than just slapping a bunch of pictures together.

This time I tried creating a 16:9 ratio show (i.e. "wide screen"). This format always has me thinking about how I treat vertical photos in such a cases, since a vertical takes up a lot less space in the frame. Since I use a 2:3 SLR aspect ratio normally, this means I also have to give some thought to photo composition when shooting with a show in mind, having to remember the top/bottom will (probably) be clipped in the final show.