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Faded Memories

by Derek Carlin (posted: Dec 19, 2009)

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The Dec 2009 monthly theme was to try to do shows that fit a "travelogue" style. After being missing for many years in our basement, I had recently found a batch of negatives from a trip I had made to China with my newlywed wife. These images are from China, though the main purpose of the trip was to present her new husband to the side of the family living in Hong Kong.

We took a side trip to Beijing and Guilin before going on to Hong Kong. This is very much a "work in progress" and hopefully in the months to come I'll be able to continue to expand this piece.

Since this was an attempt at a traveloque, I added some narration to it. I'm a very self conscious speaker, and was also rushing this to meet the meeting deadline, speaking ad-lib into the microphone. I probably sound a little dead-pan, I'll have to work on that in later versions :-)

Suggestions from members at the meeting: some of my narrative portions started with just a black screen. In some cases though, this means the screen was blank for almost 15 to 20 seconds, I added some imagery in a couple of spots to give the eyes something to look at while I was talking. A couple of animations were a bit too jarring, so I softened those.