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Reflections on 2010

by Derek Carlin (posted: Jan 20, 2011)

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This is a show I submitted for our January 2011 meeting. The theme this month was "A Time for Reflection". I took the easy way out and interpreted this as meaning to take a thoughtful look back at a past event. But I couldn't find a single event that I could portray "thoughtfully".

Then I was struck by the idea that all through this I was thinking "what have I shot this past year?" The show idea comes from that. A look back at the variety of shots I took over the span of a year.

This is a slideshow version of that letter we often send once a year to family and friends summing up what we've done for the past year. The images are unrelated to each other, but together for the sumnation of what I've been up to photographically speaking.

You will find references to "NWPC" -- one of the photoclubs to which I belong, as well as "Topaz" -- a Lightroom/Photoshop plug-in which I've found I really like, especially the "Simplify" filter which can give photos an oil-painting appearance. The "synthetic photos" are samples of some of my CGI work in which I'm starting to develop an interest -- and which made an appearance in my Halloween WCAG show.

Now if only I could have found some "artful" images for January!!! It looks like I was unartistic for that whole first month of 2010.